About Working with Actors


Working with Actors is an experiential approach to directing and a practice in collaboration.

Based on 20 years of experience working with actors, writers, and directors,  Alissa Jessup
created Working with Actors to bridge the collaborative waters between directors and actors.

Working with Actors is taught in layers.
These layers include:

  • The Basics – Language of Actors
  • Building Character
  • Improvisation
  • The Skeleton of Story
  • Digging Deep – Rehearsing with Actors
  • Freedom through Form – Putting it all together

Working with Actors is for directors, actors, and writers of film, television, and theater seeking to deepen their craft and become a more effective collaborator.

Working with Actors isn’t about on set triage, it’s about building a foundation of trust and learning to speak the language of actors. Get ready to roll up your sleeves, be engaged, and learn the joy of collaborating with actors.

Feature image: Summer Skies 11, by Squiggles, Creative Commons



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